Sanskriti Public School | Karera affiliated with cbse
Code No.1030689
  Our dream is to strive to bring the joy back into learning by helping children understand what they learn and connect it to the world around them through real life experiences.

The core purpose is , "To enable children realize their potential and make their dreams comes true"
  We are committed for a better social cause to help our people in the area possible to keep them a healthy better citizen.
Join with us to promote our lives in the changing world.
  Teachers for "Nursery to IX". Email your CV's at
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Every year is a significant milestone, a time and moment to celebrate. As we come to the end of our third academic year, I am pleased to present before you the Annual Report for this year 2012 - 2013.
At Sanskriti Public School we believe that Every child deserves a good education then that equips them with requisite skills to lead a healthy life and prepares thoroughly for the future challenges.
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There is growing realization of the importance of school education as the basis for ideal individual development. We believe that every child is unique. They learn and grow differently.
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