Chairman Message

Since the last two decades, our country began to open her doors towards globalization, We are having rapid changing in the educational sector, So we need to adapt these changes. Parents and children are both, long to get quality education and climb the social ladder. To meet this requirement we have established this school.

Technological changes in recent times are bringing sea changes in every aspect of our life. Children tend to imitate western culture and ignore our rich cultural heritage.  In the process of learning tradition and modernity must go hand in hand. The name Of School  ‘Sanskriti’ implies the country’s cultural in totality. With such a vision in mind and God with us, we take every step.

Your child’s schooling in our school will inculcate hard work and discipline. I strongly believe only these two virtues will bring them fame and fortune. No matter what career they choose, it is only hard work and discipline that will help them stand strong and tall.

I thank every parent in choosing our school with hope and aspirations. I assure to provide the need platform.

G S Goyal
Sanskriti Public School, Karera