Principal Message

Education is not just accumulating knowledge but to get prepared, in every aspect of life. We promote equality for all and partnership with our community.  We nurture our children so that every child reaches their full potential and shines. We thank you for choosing our school as a nurturing ground for your child.

There are inter-house and inter-school activities. Activities on stage and off stage. Variety of activity is placed for the children so that children have their choice. It is to make the school more interesting and informative for the children. Above all, it is making of their personality.

We live to your exception and provide your child with an appropriate learning environment. An environment where the children will explore, make mistake and work together. We will be taking the children out of the textbook frontiers and make the learning vibrant. Since a child is in between the two institutions the “Family” and the “School”, let us work together. 

Sanskriti Public School, Karera