Yoga Day

Fitness week celebration was done in our school in the third week in November on 18/11/2019 Monday we started the morning assembly with Yoga For All. It was Day one .Yoga as we all know is the union of mind and body .Children experienced the pleasant morning with Yoga.

 Day -2

Free hand exercise day

Tuesday 19/11/2019 the day started with free hands exercise for all .This exercise gives better blood circulation .Their joints exploded in action, and in  the afternoon Dr. Megha Gupta gave a lecture on importance of physical fitness in life .Explained how nutrition and exercise combines for a good physical fitness.


Fit Body- Fit Mind Fit- Environment

Wednesday 20/11/2019 children participated enthusiastically in poster making competition on the theme “Fit Body- Fit Mind Fit- Environment” .


Dancing Exercise

Thursday 21/11/2019 in the morning we had aerobics .Children did dancing exercise They danced to the tune .School aerobics was led by two lead girls Afternoon children participated an easy and poem writing competition .    Day-5

Sports Quiz

22/11/2019 principal R.Easwaran conducted the sports quiz to all students in morning assembly. Day-6

Langri competition  for Girls

 23/11/2019 . We chose to conduct Langri for Girls.

All this activities were coordinated  by  the Principal R.Easwaran and PTI Mr. Hemant joshi   .